Under-Served Women

Under-Served Women

Midwives have traditionally served women who are in need, whether that means lack of insurance, money or social support. Midwives typically spend more time with their clients; can be more flexible to their clients' needs; work to sustain positive, supportive relationships within their communities.  They are trusted and respected providers for generation after generation.  The care that our midwives provide is no exception.

We strive to serve low-risk women who are under-insured or uninsured. We help women find insurance options such as Medicaid and plans on the Health Exchange; we offer reduced costs for out-of-pocket payments; we offer payment plans; and in some cases, we offer free services to women in the most need who desire the care that we give.  We encourage women from any socio-economic background to choose the birth center if it is the best option to fit their needs, regardless of their ability to pay.

Education is a priority at Dar a Luz.  We provide extensive, high-quality birth and parenting classes at the birth center. Most class fees are included in our facility charges.  We also rotate through a variety of supportive topics to help families adapt to life with a baby, such as budgeting, breastfeeding, infant CPR, returning to work after a baby, attachment parenting and cloth diapering.

Social and emotional support are foundation values as well.  We offer a variety of support groups, such as the new mother/breastfeeding group, pregnancy loss, birth experience, and more.

It is through private donations and grants that we can offer these services to offset the costs of care. We thank you for your continued support. Please consider donating!


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        Thanks to broad community support, Dar a Luz is growing and serving more and more women each month!  Help support our mission.