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What our Mamas Are Saying

As a midwife, I find Abigail is sensitive and trusting enough to know how to simply be present and supportive of the process of labor and birth, as well as knowledgeable and intuitive to know when to intervene or offer suggestions. With her, I felt completely safe, relaxed, cared for and nurtured, which enabled me to have a very easy labor and birth. There is nothing I would have done differently!
— Danielle H.
Image Courtesy of Kristina Behal Photography

Image Courtesy of Kristina Behal Photography

Image Courtesy of Kristina Behal Photography

Image Courtesy of Kristina Behal Photography

Abigail is a wonderful midwife. She delivered all three of my babies. She has a heart of gold and is very passionate about her job. Not only is she a great midwife, she became a great friend and companion along the way. Abigail made my birthing experiences very pleasant. She made sure I was comfortable throughout the deliveries. She made herself available at my convenience. She went out of her way every time to be there to deliver my babies even when she wasn’t on call. Abigail is an excellent midwife as well as committed to what she does.
— Evanne G.
We greatly appreciate the quality of care and the personal touch we received at each appointment and during a difficult birth. At each appointment, you answered all our questions and gave us sound medical care and counsel. You helped us to understand our options and develop treatment plans.

In addition, the breastfeeding class and childbirth class were conducted in a very informative and professional but personal manner.

Although we were disappointed not to be able to give birth at Dar a Luz, you made the right call at the right time to transfer us and facilitated a seamless transfer process. Completing the transfer well before any emergency situation could occur was the exact right decision. We were very relieved to find Dr. Leeman exactly as you described — as close to a midwife as a doctor can be. The care we received from Dr. Leeman and others was top-notch. With the right treatment, coaching, and patience from the staff, we were able to achieve a vaginal birth and return home in a great state of health.

Thank you again for all your care and support... We are very grateful to have benefitted from your birth center and your amazing team of professionals.
— Tanya and John

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Testimonials from our Exit Survey

I was so impressed with every aspect of my care at Dar a Luz. Any concern I had was immediately addressed and treated with compassion and expertise. Receiving my care at Dar a Luz makes me want to have more babies!
I was very pleased with how quickly I was able to go home after delivering my child.
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The care we received was personal. I didn’t feel like a number, I felt like someone who had a relationship with everyone at the center. I so appreciated knowing I had choices and would be informed of what my choices were. I felt concerned going into pregnancy, and through pregnancy my confidence grew and grew as I got to know the midwife and instructors. By the time I gave birth I felt so confident and knew that I could do this.
The environment was always clean, comfortable, relaxing, and friendly. I felt the care was of the highest quality
Education about everything baby and mom was fantastic! I went into my labor feeling very knowledgeable and prepared.
The birth center is full of friendliness and warmth - a home-like atmosphere away from home. The environment has been very carefully, caringly thought out and well-designed. Mamas are treated like healthy individuals undergoing a joyful life experience at Dar a Luz, and all three midwives (and other staff) really take the time to talk to and engage with women. While advocating natural birth, you also offer various pain relief options, which is an enlightened combination. You offer a unique alternative to mainstream birthing options in Albuquerque, and in New Mexico - you have my admiration and appreciation for this, and for your advocacy work surrounding the birth center movement.
This is the best healthcare I’ve ever received. All the midwives went far beyond my expectations in their availability, accessibility, compassion, and conscientiousness.
I never felt rushed during any of my appointments, and believed each midwife was genuinely interested in listening to and addressing any questions or concerns that I had.
It was very helpful to have toys and books for small children. It really helped for appointments to bring my other little ones. It was also wonderful to take time to work with me and my specific needs.
I loved being told all my options and being able to discuss what was best for me
The entire staff was loving and compassionate. Everyone went above and their job duties to provide us the best possible care. Midwifes took their time and answered all of our questions. The lab tests and diet information is the best I have ever received from any health care provider. The classes and special events at the birth center are a great way to connect with other parents, deal with past traumas and have fun! The care we received has changed our lives. It has restored my faith in the labor care system as well overall health care. I was able to deal with past traumas and habits and have an awesome pregnancy and birth.
I absolutely loved my whole entire experience at Dar a Luz. My pregnancy and birth was everything I could have hoped it would be. I will always and forever appreciate the staff of Dar a Luz and recommend them always. Thank you.
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Everyone took an interest in us and made us feel special.

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