Financial Policies

Dar a Luz financial policies and the terms of your financial agreement

In order to provide excellent care for you, we have established financial policies, laying out the terms by which we will bill your insurance company and you. The policies include, but are not limited to, the following.  If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with us directly.


Policies for all clients

  • You must notify us of all of your health insurance policies, even if your primary policy will not cover all of your care.  We are required to bill your primary insurance first. If you fail to notify us of a primary policy you will be billed $50 per claim for correcting the filing.
  • Missed or cancelled appointments without a 24-hour advance notice (not including weekends) will be charged $50.
  • When you check out library books, they are due back within 4 weeks.  If they are not returned within 60 days of checkout, you will be billed $50 per book.
  • Every effort will be made to obtain the appropriate payments from your insurance company after your care is complete. You are responsible for any charges not paid by your insurance, including co-payments, deductibles and co-insurance. After all insurance claims are processed, we’ll send you a bill or refund for the difference between our contracted rates and what you and your insurance paid.  The balance is due within 30 days, and then 2.5% monthly finance charges accrue.  At 60 days we send unpaid accounts to a collections agency.  If you are unable to pay your bill please contact us immediately to work out a plan.
  • If your insurance company sends you a check for services at Dar a Luz, in many cases that check will need to be signed over to Dar a Luz. You must contact Dar a Luz about your account with us before depositing unexpected checks from your insurance.
  • Allow 6-8 weeks for the final settlement of your account, and note that we cannot issue refunds until all insurance claims are processed. Insurance processing time is beyond our control.
  • If you are experiencing financial hardship, we will work with you to the best of our ability. Please contact the office manager and be prepared to provide proof of all income and hardship. We will work out a payment plan that is mutually agreeable. Our payment plans are flexible and made on a case-by-case basis.  We are committed to quality care at a reasonable cost.  If your situation changes and you are not able to keep your obligation, you must contact us and choose another option.


    Additional policies for pregnancy and birth care

    All of the general policies above apply.  In addition, the following policies and agreements will be included in the financial contract and payment plan that is part of your first prenatal visit at Dar a Luz:

    • We require a Non-Refundable registration fee of $500 (or $300 if you are on Medicaid), due at the time of registration or at your first midwife appointment. The registration fee is not covered by insurance.  There is no registration fee for non-pregnancy services such as annual exams.
    • Because our out-of-network claims are so rarely paid by insurance companies, we collect those fees directly from our clients and provide them any documentation they need to request reimbursement from their own insurance company. Our Birth Center Service Fees are out-of-network with some insurers. See the Insurance and Payment page for a list of insurances we accept.
    • In the event of transport to the hospital during labor, no part of our fee is refundable. If care is transferred before labor, you may get a partial refund of any Birth Center Service Fees paid.
    • We appreciate you committing to your Payment Plan at your first visit.  Please come to your visits prepared to make your payments as planned.  We accept cash, checks (payable to Dar a Luz) and credit cards as well as flexible spending account cards.
    • Please note that visits outside the scope of well-pregnancy and well-baby care may be subject to different insurance coverage and may generate additional out-of-pocket costs for you.
    • All clients are required to pay their estimated portion by 36 weeks of pregnancy unless other arrangements have been made and noted on the agreement. If you do not keep your payments up to date or if payments are denied for any reason, we reserve the right to terminate our services.
    • It is your responsibility to notify the birth center of any changes in insurance coverage requiring a new Financial Agreement.