Dar a Luz Birth & Health Center is proud to partner with New Life Birth Services. The New Life Doula Collective is available 24/7 to support Dar a Luz families who must suddenly transfer to a hospital before birth.  In some situations, Dar a Luz pays a large portion of the doula's fee.  See "How can I get a doula?" below.


We know that doulas have a positive effect on birth, both physically and emotionally.  Dar a Luz seeks to support the whole woman, and we are excited that this program furthers our mission. Doulas provide support and comfort during labor, and they also reduce the trauma that families may experience when their birth experiences are different than expected.

The New Life Doulas are experienced and compassionate women that are employed through New Life and partner with us to ensure Dar a Luz moms always have access to a doula.

Check out New Life's website and their Facebook page for information and updates.  You may reach New Life directly by calling (505) 506-4340 or sending an email to

New Life Doulas

New Life Doulas


What is a doula?

Doula (pronounced "doo-luh") is a Greek word that means "woman servant." Most often a doula's job is to "mother the mother" before, during and just after labor and birth.  Doulas are different from midwives -- they do not provide medical care.

According to, a doula is a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth; or who provides emotional and practical support during the postpartum period.  A doula often extends support to the mother's birth partner and other family members as well.

The presence of a doula has been shown to shorten labor, reduce pain, dramatically reduce the need for interventions such as epidurals and c-sections, increase satisfaction with the experience and deepen bonding with the new baby.

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[Our Doula] was so wonderful. I can’t imagine how labor would have gone without her. The support she gave me and my husband made it so much better. I’m so glad she was there. It would not have been the same without her.
— Carrie & Tim
Doula support at Dar a Luz - photo courtesy of Sarah Perry Photogtaphy

Doula support at Dar a Luz - photo courtesy of Sarah Perry Photogtaphy


What does this partnership mean?

New Life Doulas know Dar a Luz -- our vision, mission and philosophies. They come to classes and meetings and host a Doula Tea each month to introduce themselves to Dar a Luz families (see our calendar for the next one).  They are highly trained, compassionate and professional women dedicated to serving birth center families.

Our partnership with New Life Birth Services allows us to provide an emotional continuity of care to Dar a Luz families who must transfer out of our care when they are already in labor or are within days of delivering.

Our goal is this: If you must transfer to the hospital at the end of your pregnancy, we want you to feel as prepared and supported as possible. We want you to have an experienced helper to support you every step of the way. And we want you to feel satisfied with your birth, no matter where and how it happens.


How can I get a doula?

There are several ways you might receive doula services from New Life Birth Services, and the timing of events determines whether Dar a Luz pays a portion of the doula fee:

  • Imminent delivery: Sometimes before labor begins, the mother must go to the hospital to get labor started or receive other interventions leading to delivery within a relatively short time. In this scenario, our midwives can call the doula collective and request a doula to assist the mother. The doula will help her cope with the sudden change of venue, help the family navigate the new realities of hospital birth, and support them through any interventions.  She will also provide the mother with two postpartum visits to help process the experience and provide other emotional and practical support in the home. Families who utilize this service are billed only $200 of the doulas' fees, and Dar a Luz pays the rest (estimated $850 value).
  • Transfer in labor: Sometimes a mom who has been laboring at the birth center must go to the hospital before her baby is born.  If that happens, our midwives can request a doula to meet the family at the birth center or the hospital and stay with the laboring family until the baby is born.  This support can make a big difference in the transition from birth center to hospital.  It also helps families feel that a part of the birth center experience has come with them into their new birthing space.  The doula will visit the family twice after birth to help them process the experience and provide other emotional and practical support in the home. Moms who utilize this service are billed only $200 of the doulas' fees, and Dar a Luz pays the rest (estimated $650 value).
  • Private hire: Some parents decide they'd like to have a doula no matter what, whether they birth at Dar a Luz or transfer out of our care.  These doula services are more comprehensive than those provided in the first two scenarios above (imminent delivery and transfer in labor), including benefits such as prenatal visits, massage, henna, birth blessing celebrations, meditation or hypnosis practice, birth plan writing, clarifying birth goals, prenatal yoga, placenta encapsulation, or other holistic support. The New Life Doula Collective is available for private hire, and because they are familiar with everything about the birth center, we are proud to recommend them.  Families who hire their own doula (with New Life or any other private hire) assume the full cost of those services. To find out about pricing and availability, contact a New Life Doula directly using the contact information below. We support you in whatever you choose.