Dar a Luz Birth & Health Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and we are designated as a public charity. Monetary donations allow us to offset operational costs and offer reduced-cost and free services to women in our community who are underserved.


Consider these easy ways to donate:

1. Make a recurring weekly, monthly, or yearly donation using your credit or debit card!

  • We are pleased to announce our Recurring Giving option! This allows our supporters the opportunity to contribute a smaller amount on a recurring basis -- and to still make a big difference in our community. Everyone who enrolls through the end of May of 2017 will be entered in a raffle to win Dar a Luz Gear!* *Don't forget to select your recurring option (weekly, monthly) as your donation type in order to qualify!

2. Make a donation using your credit or debit card!

  • If you choose to send a donation today with your credit or debit card, please print out a copy of your transaction for your tax records.  We greatly appreciate any amount you can contribute!

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2. Mail a check

  • Make checks payable to:
    Dar a Luz Birth & Health Center
    7708 4th Street NW
    Los Ranchos, NM 87107


3. Designate Dar a Luz (dba Full Circle Midwifery Birth & Health Center) on your Amazon Smile account

  • Designate Dar a Luz/Full Circle to receive a 0.5% donation from each of your qualifying Amazon purchases.

  • Amazon will look and behave the same as always, but the Amazon Smile Foundation will start sending us money each time you shop!

  • First designate us as your Smile beneficiary, and then always go to instead of when you're ready to shop.

Click to add Dar a Luz as your charity on the AmazonSmile website.

Click to add Dar a Luz as your charity on the AmazonSmile website.



4. Donate through your United Way contributions on your paycheck, if your employer participates, or through regularly contributions from your checking or savings account

  • You can also set up regular contributions to United Way from your bank account!  United Way works to to ensure every child has a quality education, every family has a stable income, and all Americans enjoy good health.


Hoping to Donate Milk?

Now Dar a Luz is proud to partner with the Mother's Milk Bank to become New Mexico's first and only milk depot. We collect frozen breastmilk from verified donors, and ship it to the Milk Bank for testing, pasteurization and re-distribution to NICU hospitals.

Our Donors

Our Early Contributors

FRIENDS (up to $1,000)


Leola Adams

Tammy Arick

Julia Barker

Betty Ann Beckman

Claire Bettler, CNM & John Bettler, MD

Shelley & Joe Black

Noelle Borders, CNM

Erica Casey- In Memory of Carrie Joiner Cook

Jacqueline Claudia

Rhonda Cox, CNM

Dale Cunningham

Frank Durcan, MD

Tom & Kari Edenfield

Emily Falcon

Janet Field

Lilia Garza & Amanda Gonzalez- In Memory of Carrie Joiner Cook

Dan Hicks

Mike & Amy Holston- In Memory of Alex Holston

Betty Chern Hughes, CNM

Joan Inman

Norty & Summer Kalishman

Autumn Keiper

Tim Keneipp & Rita King

Jack & Susan Kennedy

Amanda Knepp, RN

Laurel McKee

Evelyn & Trish Miller

Ron Miller

Jeannine Oliver

Jessica Ortiz y Pino

Jennifer Pecasting

Peter & RickyRey Pfadenhauer

Jennifer Phillips, MD

Jane Pilger

Robert Poole

Katrina Pumphrey

Janna Roop, CNM

Don and Debbie Ross

Dorothy Ross- In Honor of Lauren and Lukas Black

James Ruthowski

Kathryn Schrag, CNM

Karen Shatar, CNM

Linda Siegle

Nicole Sisneros

Bill & Patty Snead

Coit Stevenson

Rosemary Stevenson

The Birth Center (Wilmington, Delaware)

The Grant Plant

Beverly Thomas- In Honor of Shelley Black

John Udell

Betty Wilcox

Laura Wood

STEWARDS ($1,001- $3,000)

Doug & Sarah Brown

Alisa Henning, CNM & Amber Mowery- In Memory of Carrie Joiner Cook

Chris & Claudia Jacobsen

Winning Coffee Company

Whole Foods Market Indian School Plaza- 5% Community Giving

GUARDIANS ($3,001- $5,000)

John M. & Mary Ann Eaves

Marie Meakin

LEADERS ($5,001- $10,000)

Craig & Abigail Lanin Eaves, CNM

Melanie Yanke, CNM

HEROES ($10,001- $25,000)
Jay & Karen Lanin


McCune Charitable Foundation (2009, 2010, 2011)

Nirvana Manana Institute (2010)


Cathie and Pat Cook- Books and office supplies in Memory of Carrie Joiner Cook

OmniSleep- Office furniture

Chris Black- Notebook computer

Joe Black- Website design

Karen Lovett, CFNP, CNM- Autoclave

Paige MacDonald- Towels and sheets

Caitlin & Kristy Zink- Water cooler, 2 Glucometers

NM School for the Deaf Albuquerque Preschool- Hearing screening equipment


Abigail Lanin Eaves honors her mother, Karen Lanin and her 2nd mother, Mary Ann Eaves

Ann Neat honors her mother, Lucy Tana

Marie Neat Meakin honors her mother, Ann Neat

Bogdan Pathak honors his mother, Dorothy Rybaczyk Pathak

Melane Yanke honors her mother, Marilyn Yanke

Rhonda Cox honors her mother, Beverly Cox

Robert Younger honors his wife and Becca and Abby Younger honor their mother, Robin Younger