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How can you get started with Dar a Luz?

Come to an orientation!

Come meet the midwives, tour the home-like birthing suites and get your questions answered about natural childbirth in a birthing center. Each orientation is about 1.5 hours including Q&A.

  • You must attend an orientation before your first prenatal appointment.
  • REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED -- no drop-ins please. Moms with the soonest due dates will get preferential placement.
  • Arrive 10 minutes early to sign in. The presentation will start promptly at 10 a.m. If you are late, you'll have to attend the next orientation before you can begin care.
  • Space is limited. Please limit your guests to the decision-makers so we can accommodate everyone.
  • See the News below to find out what months are full in our due date calendar

You can start your prenatal care anytime between 12 and 37 weeks in your pregnancy, and you can come to an orientation anytime (pregnant or planning). The sooner you start your care, the more you benefit from the many services we offer!


Read about the cost of care here and our financial policies here.

If you still have questions before registering for an orientation, email Erica@daraluzbirthcenter.org.



**Other News**


Help Dar a Luz while you shop

Designate Dar a Luz as your charity of choice on your Smith’s reward card. Then, when you're grocery shopping, Dar a Luz will get a donation!

There is no cost to enroll, and enrollment will not affect your fuel points or coupon discounts.


Support groups are here for every Dar a Luz family.

They're free, confidential and open to the entire community.  They're not just for those who had "really bad" experiences.

Build community. Connect. Join us on Thursday evenings for everything from grief work with our licensed counselor Kimberlee and professional guests, to playgroups for little ones of all ages.


We've got Mom & Baby Yoga!

Join MJ (who is the founder of our Dar a Luz doula program, New Life Doulas) for a sweet class all about you and your baby. Enjoy a gentle yoga class, meet other moms, and deepen your bond with your baby. Call the birth center to register: 505-924-2229 x0.


Yes, we still do water births!

Local hospitals have stopped allowing women to birth in water.  We know it's safe, and we support it.

Come to an orientation to find out about our evidence-based practices and philosophies.

Image Courtesy of Abigail Lanin Eaves

Image Courtesy of Abigail Lanin Eaves


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