Affordable Care Act


The Affordable Care-Act (ACA) is making changes to insurance coverage and availability.

This is good news for many of our clients, and we're excited to see how these changes make your care at Dar a Luz more affordable.

Here you'll find an overview of what the changes might mean to you, and many helpful links to learn more and get yourself and your family a better deal on insurance.

The most important thing to know is that the law requires insurance companies to provide coverage for maternity, breastfeeding support, breast pumps, contraception, and preventive services like annual exams, well-baby checkups, and oral and vision services for children -- often at 100% coverage. There are also provisions for midwives and birth centers to receive insurance coverage.

If you are already insured, your insurace company of human resources department at work can tell you what will happen with your current coverage under the new laws, and when. If your current coverage meets the minimum quality standards, you can keep it.

If you want to shop for other coverage, watch for open enrollment dates. Open enrollment usually begins in November.

If you're not insured, this is a great opportunity to get insurance. It's going to be easier to qualify for Medicaid, but even if you don't qualify, you'll find a range of plans to suit your needs at a lower premium than before. And you may qualify for government help to pay those premiums. You cannot be turned down for pre-existing conditions, and all policies must cover a range of services essential to women's health. Here's a handy 2-page guide released last year for women shopping for insurance.

"What happens if I don’t enroll on time?

You can only enroll during open enrollment periods. So if you don’t enroll before January 31, then you will have to wait until next fall and your coverage won’t begin until January 1, 2017. The exception would be if you qualify for a “special enrollment period” because you lose other health coverage, get married, divorced, give birth or adopt a child, or become newly eligible for financial assistance. You could then enroll after January 31."  (this is quoted from the National Women's Law Center)

You can learn a lot more about insurance in general on this helpful website provided by a medical billing and coding certification website.




To help you sort through your options and enroll, the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange (NMHIX) was formed, and they've set up a website called

If you have trouble using the website, call their customer service line toll-free: (855) 99-NMHIX (66449) and a live person will help you get the information you seek.

Under the ACA laws, you may qualify for tax credits and subsidies to help pay for your new insurance, too. These benefits are based on your modified adjusted gross income. You'll get more information about that when you shop on the Exchange.

You can use this online questionnaire provided by the Federal government to see what your options might be, or speak to a real person here in New Mexico by calling BeWellNM directly. Their customer services line is toll-free: (855) 99-NMHIX (66449).


Before starting the enrollment process through, gather the following:

  • Social Security Numbers of the family members you'd like to enroll
  • Employment and income information like paystubs, tax return(s) or W2 forms
  • Policy numbers if you currently have health insurance

Wondering what the Affordable Care Act is all about? Read this Wikipedia article.

For more information visit or send an email to our insurance and billing specialist. And if you change your insurance or you find out your current policy is changed, please let us know as soon as possible.