About Orientations

About Orientations

Dar a Luz Midwives

Come meet the midwives, tour the center and get your questions answered about natural childbirth in a birthing center. Each orientation is 1.5 hours long.

We usually offer two orientations per month, on the second and third Saturday.

You must attend an orientation before you can make your first prenatal appointment at the birth center.  Please be sure to register and arrive 10 minutes early to sign in. The presentation will start promptly at 10 a.m.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Orientations:


Q: I work at the times you offer orientations.  Can I get a private orientation at a different time?

A: No. The midwives need to focus clinic time on existing clients, and so they have set up these orientations outside of clinic hours to introduce you to the birth center.  The orientations offered are the only ones available.


Q: Will I find out about what it would cost me to have my prenatal care, labor, birth and postpartum care at the orientation?

A: Yes and no.  The midwives will give you general information about our charges, but they can't tell you exactly what your insurance will leave you paying because every insurance plan is different.  At the end of the orientation you can fill out a request for an estimate of your insurance benefits. We will contact you within about a week with your estimate.  We have some general financial information here.


Q: Can I make my first prenatal appointment now and go to orientation later?

A: No. You must come to orientation before getting an appointment.


Q: Do I have to come to orientation in order to get non-pregnancy care, like a pap smear or birth control?

A:  No. You can just make an appointment if you are not pregnant.


Q: Can I come to an orientation even if I'm not pregnant yet?

A: Yes, absolutely!  You don't have to be pregnant to attend.


Q: Do I have to bring my husband/partner?

A: No, but we recommend that any key decision-makers do come with you.


Q: Can I bring my other children?

A: Yes, but please be respectful of the other attendees and keep your children quiet and close to you.


Q: When is it too late for me to transfer my care to Dar a Luz?

A: We can accept transfers up to 37 weeks along.  This is the absolute minimum needed for you and the midwives to get to know each other.


Q: What does the orientation cost?

A: Nothing! It's free.


Q: What happens if my due date is in a month where you already have a full calendar?

A: We do have a limit on the number of due dates we can schedule per month, and when we reach that limit, we can't accept any more moms with due dates in that month. We no longer use waiting lists. If we have any months where we are completely booked, we will promptly post them in the News section.

More questions?  Email us from our Contact page or call (505) 924-2229